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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Simple Hair growth tip with methi seeds water

methi seeds water
Till now I have posted the beauty tips  using methi leaves for dandruff and pimples.Now I am going to give you the real and excellent tip with methi seeds  water for hair growth.This tip can be easily followed by every boy and girl.

Many of the students and employees those who were living outside also can follow this tip very easily. Because this tip especially needs only the methi seeds. If you have a glass of water and spoonful of methi seeds,the thicker hair will be yours.But the main thing is,this tip should be followed regularly.


Methi seeds can be used to cure many problems .These methi seeds has different uses for  different organs of our body .

1.Many of us feel it as a tough thing of keeping the methi paste to hair,skin.So we dont follow the tip and leave it aside.

2.But if you drink the water in which the  methi seeds were soaked for overnight.This water will be useful for:

     4.GREY HAIR

 A glass of methi  seeds water gives these many advantages to our entire body.So the intake of these water that was soaked overnight with methi seeds is very important. If you feel it as a tough thing of taking a glass of water daily.Drink this water alternative days  in a week.


Now let us see the preparation of the water that I  have described above.For the preparation of this water we need

      Methi Seeds  :  1 Spoon
      Water            :  Half Glass(Approx 300 ml)


1.First  boil the half glass of water,That sholud be warm.After that take a spoonful of methi seeds and soak these methi seeds in that boiled water at night time.

2.After the seeds getting saoked overnight.In the early morning filter the seeds from that water and drink the water with empty stomach.

3.This should be done daily .If you are unable to do this daily,do this in alternate weeks.

Article Source: http://jaysactivity.blogspot.com

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thin Hair Care

Thin Hair Care
The cause could be due to thin hair when combing or pulling hair too tight when dry with a blow dry. Without realizing it, regardless of the scalp hair and too often it did not rule out the hair becomes thinner. As we know thin hair is the start of symptoms balding hair. Of course, it should quickly be avoided before it gets worse. It is unfortunate, if it turned into a beautiful shiny hair became thin hair.

Here's a simple treatment for thinning hair

1. Nutritious Food
Consumption of nutritious foods that contain lots of protein, because the elements of the hair protein. If less protein intake then your hair brittle and easily fall out easily. For that to keep hair healthy and strong, eat foods like eggs, fish, milk, cheese and lean meats. 

2. Hair Tie
Tying hair too strong can lead to hair loss without the knowledge and being thin hair. For that, the hair should be binding uses a soft fabric to avoid using rubber as a hair tie. 

3. Soybean
Naturopathy expert explained, one reason for hair loss is the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. To maintain testosterone levels, you simply consume soy. The thyroid gland can also cause hair loss, if you have a doctor check it. 

4. Blood Circulation
Do a light massage on the scalp, this is to increase blood circulation. With the increased circulation of blood flow to the head can accelerate nutrients to the scalp so that hair grows normally. You can use stale tea while massaging. As expressed Steelsmith, decreased blood to the hair follicles causing hair loss. For that do head massages regularly at least 1 week. 

Such short article about a simple treatment for thinning hair. The treatment is simple, but can be prevented from thinning hair symptoms and do not require special treatment in the salon with expensive fees. Avoid bad habits and let's do a healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle will affect the hair care.

Article Source: http://jaysactivity.blogspot.com

Friday, March 6, 2015

Stylish Hair for Dark Hair

Stylish Hair for Dark Hair
Hair highlights for dark hair style will provide you with the best insights of modern hair styling and more precisely the combination of the coolest hair color and dyeing techniques. 

Enlist the help of an artist or follow the instructions pro notch to brighten your keys with colored stripes. Learn the secrets of cute accessories and sporting throughout the year with confidence and pleasure.

Highlights For Black Hair can enhance both strands of our workflow and our moods make us feel wonderful in our skin. 
No need to go for a radical move and the book to color-block if you are not sure of the results of your makeover. Instead, you can increase the volume key and the natural color of your hair style with highlights for dark hair. 

No doubt, her brown hair as well as those who are blessed with ebony keys shaded should consider several options at the bottom that will illuminate their faces and dressed up with textured tresses shiny and smooth and shining. These are some cool alternatives to consider when leading the process of hair coloring style. 

Highlights For Black Hair : Overview of Natural 

In order to add a brand new look for you to do, be sure to take a glance at the idea of ​​highlighting the natural forces that can be an excellent fit with dark hair and dark brown. In this case all you have to do is bleach or dye lock and maintain the health of their spotless best hair style and dyeing products. 

Highlights For Black Hair : Red and Purple Hair Highlights 

Red becomes you when it comes to the oh-so-wonderful highlights of red and fuchsia and purple hair. Those who are not satisfied with the natural look and lower maintenance may be long to change the style and look. 

Highlights For Black Hair : Vibrating Hair Highlights

You can not get enough color in your life, so why not exercise some of the most stylish colors also on your strands. Combine contrastive or complementary tone and make sure it looks enough to reward you with a standing ovation from the party. 

Article Source: http://jaysactivity.blogspot.com

Tips Naturally Straight Hair

Straight Hair
Actually, if only to straighten your hair just is not that difficult nowadays because everything is sophisticated, many beauty salons that offer hair straightening services, But straighten hair using drugs would have the effect of its own to fertility hair, For example, hair loss so often, branched, gray and so fast if not done extra care, straighten hair naturally will be more secure and keep your hair healthy and smooth, you can use natural ingredients to make your hair straight

Here I will share about how to naturally straighten your hair quickly without rebonding : 

1. Provide some celery leaves are still fresh and then rinse thoroughly and then mashed to pieces and give a little water, Once mixed, squeeze and take the extract water, and then input into a bottle and keep it for 1 night, In the morning you can use it as Cream Bath by way of a massage until evenly throughout the scalp, and then rinse with water and wash with shampoo and conditioner.

2. Heat oil hair, let stand until warm, Apply to your hair and then massage your scalp for 15-20 minutes, Then comb thoroughly and cover with a hot towel for 30 minutes, It works on the same techniques as straightener, This will provide moisture to your follicles, so it will loosen the curls and wavy hair.

3. Take a glass of milk and a mixture of 2 tablespoons of lime juice in it, Put it in the fridge, This will make the mixture thickens. Apply this mixture to all parts of the hair to the roots of the hair until evenly distributed, Perform massage in the head Then comb your hair and cover or wrap your hair using a shower cap, Let stand until the mixture dries on your hair, After that you can shape your hair the way you want, Do this regularly, then your hair will be straight and neat.

4. Combine 1 cup milk and 1/2 cup water, Enter this mixture into a spray bottle, Then, spray on your hair evenly, Let the mixture soak for about 20-25 minutes. After that drying and pervasive, comb your hair up neatly, Then wash and rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner, If this is done regularly, then your hair will be straight.

Do this treatment two to three times a week. It is not recommended to do it every day, because the ingredients above contains a lot of oil, so it can make the scalp has excess oil if done too often. 

Url Source: http://jaysactivity.blogspot.com

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

7 Things That Are Making Your Hair Frizzy

Things That Are Making Your Hair Frizzy
If you feel like you’re constantly trying to tame your mane from frizziness, you are so not alone.
According to a data from Poshly.com, 31% of women have to fight the frizz all the time.

While there are some unavoidable causes (weather, being one), frizz prevention truly begins with you, according to the experts. Here are seven things that might make your locks freak out and some pro tips to help your hair stay as smooth as possible.

1. Your shower routine.

For a more manageable mane, avoid extra hot—and extra long—showers, says Wendy Rose Gould of Latest-Hairstyles.com. “The hotter your shower is, and the longer it lasts, the more your hair is stripped of natural oils that keep frizz at bay and locks shiny and lush,” she explains. “Lukewarm water is your friend.”

2. Not brushing your hair before washing.

Raise your hand if you detangle your hair before stepping in the shower? No one? Well, according to celebrity hairstylist Melissa Peverini, founder of Versi, we should all start. “Not brushing before washing will make product distribute unevenly,” she says. “Brush hair with a boar and nylon mix brush, such as the Cricket Carbon Paddle Brush, before washing to pull natural oils through to hydrate the hair before the water hits it.”

3. Shampooing too much.

Peverini also advises shampooing only two or three times a week to keep frizz levels down. “Shampooing hair too often can dry and dull hair, leaving it frizzy,” she says. Your shampoo’s formula can also play a part. According to research, shampoo with too high of a pH level can actually cause frizziness and breakage. While many bottles won’t broadcast the pH on the label, you can look for a product that touts its low or balanced pH like a badge of honor.

4. Your brush.

Not all hairbrushes are created equal—and different hair types require different tools for optimally smooth locks. According to master hair stylist and colorist Sandi Arensman, an ion metal brush is great for combatting frizz in fine curly hair, for example, but those with fine straight hair should never use metal (or a brush with sharp teeth, no matter what material).

If you have natural African American or Afrocentric hair, keep it from frizzing by using a plastic, bone, or tortoise shell wide-toothed pick or comb and don’t use metal or aluminum—the edges will actually shred your hair. No matter your hair type, Peverini warns against using thermal brushes since, “they are heat conductors and can curl the hair, leaving it vulnerable to frizz.”

5. Your blowdryer.

 Upgrade your hairdryer, Peverini says, if you’re constantly battling frizz. “Look for ionic technology devices,” she says. “The ions produce a negative charge which flattens and smooths the hair cuticle.” Technique also matters, Arensman says. “When you dry your hair, the setting should be on low heat and use a diffuser for best results.”

6. Your hair’s lack of moisture.

Frizzy hair lacks moisture,” says Arensman. Deep conditioners and leave-in conditioning treatments work well to keep frizz away. Argan oil (or any oil that is easily absorbed) will also help to protect the hair and eliminate part of the frizz—as well as keep hair from tangling. Also be sure to trim the ends of your hair regularly (once every six to eight weeks), she advises. When the ends of your hair and rough and dry, frizz happens.

7. Your flat iron

Extreme chemical and heat exposure are also frizz-makers, Arensman says. “Flat irons are very damaging to hair,” she explains. “Chemical over-processing hair through perming, bleaching and using high volumes of developer will also cause frizz in the ends and even through the shaft of the hair.”

Url Source : http://beautyhigh.com

How to Determine the Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Hair Color For Your Skin Tone
Determining your skin tone.
This can be difficult to do on your own, but most people fall into either warm or cool tones. “One way to figure out your tone is after washing your face to remove all impurities, preferably in a well lit room with natural light, hold a yellow and red piece of paper and then a white, green, silver and blue piece of paper against your face,” says Miguel Angarita, senior colorist at mizu new york salon.

Do this separately, not at the same time! If your skin looks more flattering with yellow/red paper test, then you’re mostly in the warm family. If your skin looks best with the green/blue/ silver/white paper test, you’re mostly in the cool toned family.

Another trick is to hold your wrists out and facing up under direct sunlight. If the blood vessels seem to be greenish in color, then you are a warm tone. If they appear to have a bluish tint, then you are a cool skin tone!

The Truth Behind the Maintenance “The trick is to look at the undertones of your skin, and not to forget that this can change year round with or without a sun tan,” says Amy Michleb, National Director for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa‘s Hair Department. Olive skin has green undertones, which are best complimented by red shades.

This doesn’t need to be a bold red; a strawberry blonde or an auburn brunette will work too! Someone who has red undertones will suit cooler hair shades best; violet reds, cool icy blondes and mocha browns. Darker skin tones should stay away from medium browns and dark blondes as they do not create enough contrast between the skin and hair — either go darker or lighter.


Eyes also play a big part, says Michleb. Blue eyes pop with copper tones placed around the face. Hazel eyes can be made to shine by choosing the perfect shade that compliments their undertones.

Cool tones

Look best with warm hair colors like orangish reds, golden blondes, rich honey almond browns, and chocolate brunette. Examples are Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian.

Warm tones.

“If your skin tones are warm, then cooler hair colors are your best bet!” says Angarita. These include ash browns, beige, champagne blond, dark reds such as auburn and violet and dark cool brunettes. Kate Middleton, Miley Cyrus, Sophia Vergara, and Jennifer Aniston are all great examples.

The best way to get an accurate answer is to go to a department store cosmetic counter and ask them for your skin tone. The best place on the body to see the truest example is behind the ear (which might be easier for someone else to see).

Blondes are going from warm golds and suntanned skin to iced out, almost silvery hues against pretty pale complexions; Julianne Hough is a perfect example. “She recently went from a warmer honey color to a bold, cool silver blonde that makes both her cool skin tone and cool blue eyes pop!” says Nick Penna Jr. of SalonCapri.

Brunettes who were once warm with caramel or golden dimensional highlights are moving towards cool chestnuts with icy brown-toned highlights. Right now, Penna is loving Carrie Mulligan’s hair. It’s a great example an icy-toned brunette that works perfectly to compliment a very pale pallor. Brunettes with an olive skin tone should steal clear of hair colors that match their skin tone and stick with a cool espresso tint that adds contrast to their darker complexion. Penna loves the contrast of Adriana Lima’s cool ebony colored hair and warm olive skin tone.

Redheads are moving away from the stark, bold reds (Christina Hendricks) and shifting to the softer and significantly warmer, rose gold color. “This color enhances the everyday strawberry blonde, creating a rich deeper hue with dimension. We’re seeing this color everywhere, from watches to handbags, and now, hair!” says Penna. Natural redheads are have a pink toned pale pallor by nature and this should be kept in mind when dying your hair this hue as could clash with darker, olive-hued skin tones.

Blake Lively’s red hair for her role in Green Lantern was a warm copper tone that matched and blended to her bronzed, tanned skin — not a great choice, says Michleb. If she wanted to stick with red, a better choice for her skin tone would have been a cooler red tone with a little more violet in the mix! Rachel McAdams wears a similar shade, but it suits her perfectly and gives her a Hollywood chic look.

Sombre. The ombré technique is a thing of the past, now it’s about the ‘Sombré’ technique, says Penna. Penna says this technique is so universal and can be used on both warm and cool skin tones; it makes for the most natural looking and effortless color that that has been gracing the heads of celebrities such as Lauren Conrad who has a warm yellow orange California sun complexion, to Brazilian model and celebrity Gisele Bundchen, who fluctuates from a cooler toned tan to a more pale hue.
Url Source : http://beautyhigh.com

Hair Color and Your Skintone

Hair Color
Switching up your hair color is never as simple as pointing at a model on the front of a hair dye box and proclaiming, “I want that!
Either we’ve heard enough horror stories from friends, or worse, been the protagonist of our own, to know this.

In fact, it’s less about the hair color you like and more about what hair color your skin likes.
The perfect hair color will not only complement your skintone and make your best facial features pop, it can also help you look years younger. Get it wrong and you could end up looking washed out, tired, unnatural and older.

This is a little known fact, even though 55 percent of women color their hair these days, and spend an average of $330 annually on hair color, according to a recent survey by Tresemme. “It’s a big point of confusion for a lot of consumers when they’re coloring their hair,” said Kelly Van Gogh, hair colorist and creator of Kelly Van Gogh Hair Color (who also majored in chemistry at Columbia University).

Url Source : http://www.youbeauty.com

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